Original Content (framework)

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Original Content (framework)

This piece of content is the work of a human mind.

I’m in my Airbnb in Belgrade (Serbia) and thinking of what the next note of GrowthWaves should be about.

“Do enough people know about this?” I wonder.

“I don’t think so; I think many people (still) don’t have a framework on how to approach original content,” my internal voice replies.

“Yep, I need to write about that,” I conclude.

And so, what you’ll read today is the outcome of this internal dialogue, along with years of effort and experimentation on content marketing.

What I’ll offer you isn’t a step-by-step process or a detailed how-to.

Instead, you’ll get a framework on how to approach what I call ‘Original Content.’

And why is that so important (especially right now)?

Because with the introduction of AI, both the quality bar and the barrier to entry for text-based content hit rock bottom.

Simply put:

More content = More competition = More difficulty in standing out

The framework below will help you stand out and make a difference.

Not in one day or two, but over a long period of time, after a consistent publishing schedule and as part of a holistic content marketing strategy.

This piece of content is the work of a human mind.
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